Damian Waters


Damian Waters, LGMFT, M.S.

Damian Waters, LCMFT, M.S.

Doctoral Candidate, University of Maryland, Family Science program

  • Generations Program, Fatherhood Coordinator Children’s Hospital, Washington, DC
  • Evaluation Consultant    Adventist Healthcare
  • High School Special Education Instructor, Louis and Clark School, P12X, Bronx, NY
  • Master’s of Science in Urban Education, George Washington University
  • Master of Science – Marriage and Family Therapy, University of Maryland

During my clinical training at the University of Maryland, I gained experience working with individuals, couples, and families. I am especially familiar with clients who are experiencing depression and anxiety as well as those who seek to improve the quality of their marriages. As a former high school teacher, I also have experience working withteenagers and helping them through the challenges they face.

I hope you have found this information helpful in your search for a therapist. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email at Thrive@SonjaWilliams.com or via telephone at 202.744.9430.

I wish you well in your journey and I look forward to celebrating your success with you.


Damian Waters, LGMFT, M.S.       Call today:  202-744-9430

A Word from Damian:

Healing and change arise from the relationships I form with my clients.  I approach therapy—individual, couple, and family—with the goal of cultivating five elements I believe to be essential to healthy relationships:

Positive Regard: There are times when we need help to cope with troubling thoughts, emotions, and difficulties with those whom we love the most. Therapy is a place where you will not be judged.  Above all else, I will appreciate, respect and care for you as a person.

Trust: I strive to make therapy a place where you feel safe to be vulnerable.  You can be assured that, at all junctures, I will have your best interest in mind.  I will keep our discussions in confidence, and I will support you as you work towards contentment with yourself and your relationships.

Communication:I work to maintain transparency about all aspects of therapy. I will ask questions that will allow me to learn more about your perspectives and how you understand the challenges you face. I will also help you to learn new ways of communicating that will enhance your progress and improve your interactions with others.

Effort: Relationships require work. My goal is to “meet you where you are”, and to help you to navigate through the difficulties you are facing. There are many tools I may draw from to help you learn ways to get the maximum benefit from the effort you invest..

Hope: In the face of difficulties, people may feel discouraged and uncertain that change is possible.  I believe that as we learn how to to change our circumstances and over come our difficulties, we are empowered to experience healing, transformation and ultimate success.

1 clinical hour: $150
30 min session: $75