We do premarital counseling and weddings

The licensed clinical staff at Sonja Williams and Associates are trained in a variety of psychotherapy models that are well suited for premarital couples. These models are able to help you learn more about one another’s needs, learn how to meet one another’s needs in a way that is effective and sustainable, learn problem solving skills that can prevent some conflicts and prevent other conflicts from escalating, etc. In addition to academic, psychotherapy models, we are trained in other popular techniques including: the computer based PREPARE/ENRICH technique sponsored by Life Innovations; the Seven Principles Program sponsored by the Gottman Institute; Preparing for Marriage God’s Way sponsored by Wayne Mack; etc.

After your premarital counseling is complete, Sonja Williams and Associates is able to officiate your wedding ceremony. Sonja Williams is a licensed ordained minister — she became ordained in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church in the spring of 2016. The AME church was established in 1787 and shares its origins with what is now the United Methodist Church. As a result of her ordination, she has officiated weddings.  In addition, for couples who would like to partake in communion during their wedding ceremony, Sonja has also led communion for parishioners in her role within the AME church.

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