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Thank you for choosing to schedule an appointment with Sonja Williams and Associates, LLC., for your individual, group and family counseling services.   Our team of clinicians are compassionate therapeutic experts, who can help you formulate a better path to healthy interpersonal relationships with others (and within yourself).

If you are seeking treatment for a clinically diagnosed mental health or emotional disorder, many private insurance companies will provide reimbursement.   Please inform us of your intention to file a claim through your medical insurance carrier, and confirm your eligibility prior to scheduling your first appointment for clinical mental health services.

Please note that we also offer non-clinical relationship coaching services, that focus on stress management, lifestyle habits, goal fulfillment and interpersonal relationship development.  Coaching services that are not related to clinical diagnoses, are not generally qualified for private insurance reimbursement.  Call us if you have any questions regarding services, or insurance claim eligibility.

Accessible Counseling and Clinical Therapeutic Services Nationwide

Sonja Williams and Associates LLC, is located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.  Clients may also schedule appointments at our Silver Spring, Maryland location.  Both locations are accessible for individuals who may require mobility devices.

We know that life gets busy, and making time to travel to your therapy appointment may present an issue for some clients.  In these situations, online and telephone counseling sessions offer the relaxation of a known and personal environment.   We can accommodate needs with VSee (HIPAA compliant video conferencing service), or sessions by telephone.

Add this line: We offer online sessions through VSee, a free, confidential, HIPAA compliant video conferencing service, or via phone.  (Face-to-face sessions are preferred for the initial meeting.)

 Pay and Schedule Online

We’ve made it easier for our clients to schedule time, and pay for therapy services online.  Simply find the counselor or psychologist you wish to see, and you will be directed to the PayPal secure payment site, where you can use your PayPal account, or a credit card, to process payment.

If you experience any problems in making a payment, please email: or call (301) 437 – 5311 for assistance.


Service Therapist Duration Rate Make Payment
Therapy session Sonja Williams, LCMFT 1-hour $150.00  
Therapy Session Sonja Williams, LCMFT 30-minute $75.00
Therapy Session Damian Waters, Ph.D., LCMFT 1-hour $160.00   
Therapy Session Damian Waters, Ph.D., LCMFT 30-minute $80.00   
Therapy Session Zainib Okolo, LCMFT 1-hour $140.00   
Therapy Session Zainib Okolo, LCMFT 30-minute $70.00   
Therapy Session Jenifer Rhodes 1-hour $80.00