We use systems theory and diagnose and treat

In addition to being licensed to diagnose and treat clients, all Sonja Williams and Associates staff are clinically trained in systems theory. Systems theory is a different, more holistic approach, to treating mental health. Instead of treating the person, couple, or family as an autonomous, stand-alone entity, systems theory recognizes that everyone (and every system) is a part of a larger system. To achieve more lasting results, our systems therapists address the presenting problem, but we are also trained to address the larger (possibly external) factors influencing the situation. For a person seeking individual services, this may mean that the person’s family or other inner circle may be a part of the solution. The primary benefit to systems theory when compared to other mental health disciplines is that, once therapy has concluded, the clients have a network (a “system”) in place to reinforce the positive change the clients have experienced.

For those who prefer a more traditional approach to mental health (i.e., DSM-V), we are fully licensed to diagnose and treat, as well.